Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spruce Up Your Week with Colorful Wholesale Tops

Green with touches of soft and refined pink and mauve are in again, and tanks are willingly playing Juliets to every Romeo-handsome pants.
That is why sprucing up your wardrobe with a selection of fashionable wholesale tops during Springtime has never met disdainful eyes, only curious looks wishing they too had your stuff for grabs.
—And hey, you can wear them all you want and paint your week in a variety of floral tints! The season will thank you for being well turned-out. Check on these chic and stylish suggestions from your bright and adorable stylista:
On a Monday oozing with energy and vibe, your really red tank would love to go with that smart casual black slacks paired with an equally preppy footwear.
A little pink up and an all white down on Tuesday makes you ready for some good-natured home visit to your ever caring parents. You can just grab a light lemon chiffon jacket sleek enough to carry around when its too hot to wear.
Wednesday makes room for a surprise to your special someone as you sport that lovely lavender tank layered with a soft white lace bolero and Italian-styled jeans matched to perfection with boots that seem to sing The Mexican Song every time.
Stunning is the word for you on Thursday with your orchid top that is both sporty and sexy as you come up to meet your friends for gym, badminton, or a picnic drive to the sunny beaches downtown.
Friday deserves an all-nighter mauve that flatters your curves. Play it up with make-up that highlights your beautiful eyes and go get that crisp white leather bag that you've been wanting to show off to your party crowd.
Saturday sees you lay your hair down for a cool hangout with your girl friends. Don’t be afraid to seize on colors as power source to shake the groove on the dance floor. Go and sport sport that Anne Hathawayie bob on your shoulders and let those feminine arms exude modish class with a neony pink halter top matched with that Fergalicious pink lipstick shade and an earthly mix to tones for those dreamy eyelids.
Spick and span white with hints of refreshing green serves you a perfect inside layer to that conventional blazer you use when you go to church on Sunday which looks ah-so-totally gorgeous with a pleated ethnic white A-line skirt that comes just right below your knees.
So say goodbye to the season-depressing grays and browns and be enthused with the bright and uplifting dazzles and subtle allures of collective colors which you can always own at the most convenient prices and means by purchasing through safe and secure online stores such as Apparelus where you can find fantastic designs and dynamic colors of right-fitting wholesale tops .